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Happy Holi Shimgo

Happy Holi Shimgo: The funfilled and enthusiastic people of Goa know Holi by the name of Happy Holi Shimgo in their local dialect Konkani. Here too, people play with bright colours to welcome the arrival of spring. This is followed by rich, spicy chicken or mutton curry called shagoti and sweet preparations. Some people also […]

Happy Holi Hola Mohalla

Happy Holi Hola Mohalla: Holi gets this joyful name in the state of Punjab. The festival is celebrated in an entirely different manner, it’s meaning and significance also shifts a little here.Happy Holi Hola Mohalla Happy Holi Images Greetings Wishes Wallpapers Colourful Holi Wallpapers Hola Mohalla is actually an annual fair that is organised in […]

Lathmaar Holi Celebration

Lathmaar Holi Celebration: In what is known as the hub of holi in India – Barsana, Holi is known as Lathmaar Holi Celebration. Sounds violence?? There is more violece than the name signals off. The stick is in the hands of the women on this day and the men need to work a lot to […]

Dol Purnima Holi Celebration

Dol Purnima Holi Celebration: Holi is also known by the name of Dol Purnima in West Bengal.Dol Purnima Holi Celebration. Happy Holi Images Greetings Wishes Wallpapers Colourful Holi Wallpapers Early in the morning, on the Dol Purnima day students dress up in saffron-coloured clothes and wear garlands of fragrant flowers. They sing and dance to […]

Holi Basant Utsav

Holi Basant Utsav: Holi by the name of Basant Utsav is celebrated with fervour in the state of West Bengal. The tradition of Vasantotsav, meaning Spring Festival was started by poet and Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore at¬†Shantiniketan, the University he founded.Holi Basant Utsav What is appreciated is the grace and diginified manner in which Vasant […]

Mahastra Famous Festival Rangpanchami

Mahastra Famous Festival Rangpanchami: People of Maharashtra commonly know this festival of colours by the name of Rangpanchami as the play of colours is reserved for the fifth day here. Locals of Maharashtra also know Holi as Shimga or Shimgo.¬†Mahastra Famous Festival Rangpanchami Happy Holi Images Greetings Wishes Wallpapers Colourful Holi Wallpapers The festival is […]

Dulandi Holi Celebration

Dulandi Holi Celebration: Holi recieves this name in the state of Haryana. Here, bhabhi – the brothers wife gets an upper hand on the day of holi. And, devar’s – husband’s younger brothers need to watchout.Dulandi Holi Celebration.. Happy Holi Images Greetings Wishes Wallpapers Colourful Holi Wallpapers The bhabhi’s on this day get a social […]

Happy Holi 2017 wishes,Quotes,Wallpapers,Sms,Facebook Status